About Swellendam in the Western Cape

Built by the Dutch East India Company in 1747, the building served as a residence and official headquarters to the Magistrate. Subsequently a jail was built in addition to a home for the secretary, a mill and more outbuildings.

The first Magistrate to be appointed to this district was Johannes Theophilus Rhenius and he was assisted by a board of councillors and subordinates like secretary and a jailer and slaves.

From 1827 the Drostdy was occupied by the civil commissioner who, with the resident magistrate, replaced the board of Magistrate and councillors when they were abolished by the British colonial government.

In 1846 the government sold the Drostdy and the property was subdivided. In 1855 the former Drostdy was bought by the Steyn family where it remained until until 1939 when it was bought by the government of the Union of South Africa for the purpose of establishing a museum.

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